If you have a great Summoners War Sky Arena account you want to trade with us, please email us at:

Please title your email in caps: TRADE - (Details here)

Contact us directly on KIK: SWABuy

Rates are negotiable and upon inspection of the account we will make you an offer.

We trade more for:

  • Conqueror - Guardian Levels
  • Number of 5 stars on the account
  • Quality 4 star monsters
  • Rare Stuff
  • Great rune setups
  • Light & Dark rare 4-5 stars
  • Able to clear TOA: 100


If either party is unsatisfied with the trade offer for an account, a second monetary offer on top can be made, especially if the account/s traded exceeds the other parties offer.

All pricing is at our discretion and we will offer a fair price for all decent accounts, we deem worthy of

Please don't hesitate to contact us.


We are currently willing to broker your account for you.

Note: we keep 10% of the final sale value, the standard fee for utilising this service.

To sell your account we will need your PayPal email (To pay you), your contact email and finally your Summoners War login information. This is all necessary so that we can list and sell your account!

If you have anymore enquiries about selling/trading Summoners War accounts please message SWABuy on Kik messenger -or- email: - Thanks,

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