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01/07/17 - David J. - Site

The best service and the best attention. Everything worked as planned. Congratulations for service! I recommend.


18/05/17 - Alex Martins - Site

Sweet this works great, all secured and happy with my purchase, thank you guys so much.


23/04/17 - Alissa B - Site

Perfect transaction as always, many thanks :)


11/04/17 - David Franco - Site

I approve these guys to sell my account, now the transaction is completed, I am happy.

15/02/17 - Albert S - Site

10/10 - Would buy again.. thnx

04/02/17 - Thomas Johnstone - Site

SWAccounts rocks! Telling my friends to buy here so we can rule guild wars!

08/01/17 - Allbassists - Site

Cheers guys, will use you again.

25/12/16 - Ingmar L - Site

Best purchase I have ever made, thanks guys!

18/12/16 - Emma Warren - Site

I bought this account as an early XMAS present for my BF - sooo pleased!

10/12/16 - Ahmed J - Site

Anyone in doubt, use these guys, they are the best way to sell your account, I did a trade wih my account and $ to upgrade my account, now I feel like playing again!

26/11/16 - Elise N - Site

Wonderful service and friendly staff, couldn't recommend more highly, will refer you to all my friends and family.

19/11/16 - Damien B - Site

What can I say, you are the top account merchant I have used.

14/11/16 - Josh Killik - Site

Perfect from start to finish, thank you SWACCOUNT!

06/11/16 - Ellis S - Site

Brilliant, selling my account with you was a pleasure and I hope the new owner is pleased.

24/10/16 - Joseph G - Site

Top quality guys, they offer good accounts at good prices!

20/10/16 - Alsood Manuz- Site

Bought one of the big accounts and I am very happy with my choice, I have it linked up to my email now. Many thanks!

15/10/16 - Sophie Elia C - Site

Sorry it took me a while to leave my testimony, your service was superb and I will definitely come back if I ever need another account, have a grrrreat day !

11/10/16 - TJ Josh&Terri - Site

Bought two accounts, for me and my girlfriend, we are very happy and our guild is even stronger now! Thanks guys, commendable job you are doing.

28/09/16 - Silconeskies8800 - Site

These guys are amazing at what they do, very fast and always ready to answer by email, I am going to be using this site for a long time, until I get the exact account I want, the trade system works wonders for this.

15/09/16 - Jessica Ferreira - Site

I love you, thanks so much :) Please use my feedback on your website if you like, have a great day :)

07/09/16 - Aaron Shore - Site

5/5 - Top service when selling my account, very happy !11

24/08/16 - Callum FS - Site

Finally! A way to get the monsters we have always wanted, I am very impressed with your service, keep up the great work guys!

16/08/16 - Magick Darren - Site

This site is amazing! I didn't even think it would be legit, but I took the chance and am very happy I did, definitely will be coming back again, top service and thank you very much!

06/08/16 - Isabella Anne - Site

Your site Swaccount.com is perfect, I'm always browsing your account section, I finally found the three monsters I was after, yay! :3

02/08/16 - David Gua - Site

Amazing experience selling my account, got cash and swapped my account for the one of my choice, thanks very much =) - David

21/07/16 - Ian Lambert - Site

Use no one else, these guys are perfect for buying and selling your accounts, I will use no one else. Have a great day.

27/06/16 - Alice May - Site

Perfect job, account recieved straight after pay, cheers :)

11/06/16 - Freddick J - Site

Thanks much guys, I am quitting the game but this was needed, I can now go on holiday.. greets from Germany!

28/05/16 - Sierra - Site

Thanks a ton guys, quick and easy just as promised!

16/05/16 - Ahmed Alshamsi - Site

Ty for the account and i really like it... i will recommend all my friends to buy from your awesome website ^^

03/05/16 - David Elliott - Site

Never thought selling an account would be this easy, was paid straight after the sale, thnx guys! Will be back soon!

18/04/16 - Stéph - Site

First time i bought account here and it s perfect.I highly recommend this website. It's pretty legit and fast transaction. Thanks a lot.

02/04/16 - AzaghopSwe - Site

Thnx for the great costumer service, I will buy again.

26/03/16 - Xenophyte - Site

Can't thank you enough, I have my dream monsters and the price was good too.

26/03/16 - Yeosef - Site

Will never use another service i'm a repeat customer :)

21/03/16 - Bomber9808 - Site

I sold my account here and your service was great guys, keep it up!

16/03/16 - StevenPP - Site

Swaccount has the best selection of accounts I have seen, I found the perfect combo for me TY!

11/03/16 - Arty D - Site

Wonderful site, no more bs RNG to deal with I have my L+D Rare - So happy!

03/03/16 - Daniel - Site

I have buy the account #F66: Ref: F66... Thx it was beautiful ;)

12/01/16 - Mike Jin - Site

thnks for the fast and excellent service :)

05/01/16 - ezpz - Site

best site ever 10/10 would buy from anyday

18/12/15 - icthus - Site

Best ever! I highly recommend this website. It's pretty legit and fast transaction. I'd buy another one next time. :D


23/11/15 - Tray - Site

bought an account, had a little trouble at first because i tried to buy an account that was being renovated, but got it figured out and bought a nice account. thanks!

22/11/15 - Tai Lai - Site

Nothing to complain about! I took the RISK to trust this website and it was worth. He is an awesome seller, also he's prestigious and reliable. Should you want to buy a Summoners War account, I strongly suggest this site for all the players

11/11/15 - Vinnie - Site

Great website! Not going to lie I thought this website might not have been legit, I took my chance and spent $100 on an account and had a great experience. Fast and easy! If you are stuck on your account and you feel that you might not be able to progress with the summons that you have, I would make sure you check this website out and consider it an option. If you want to make sure I am a real person and not a fake testimonial, my twitter is @vinnieisunique and instagram is the same.

04/11/15 - Ashley Yu - Site

"Fast and easy service!! I was uncertain at first, emailed and got a response within 5 min. They answered all my questions and guided me through the process, within 20 min I had my account! Would highly recommend :D Thank you!" 

25/08/2015 - Doreen C - Site:

I was skeptical at first and reluctant to buy from swaccount because it was a fairly new site; HOWEVER, I realized that there is risk on both sides, and decided to buy from them. Glad I did! 100% on the level trustworthy! I am enjoying my new account! Thank You SwAccount! 

18/08/15 - Brian Shattuck - Site:

This was wonderful, prices were flexible and reasonable. I got everything I wanted and more. I totally recommend this

08/08/15 - Depzef562 - Site:

Wow, awesome seller, I bought from them with no problems at all, super fast and responsive and now I will enjoy my new account! Thanks SWAccount - A+ Service.


03/08/15 - Kiszu - Forum:

100% Trustworthy and RELIABLE! Took less then 10 minutes to do the trade and now i get to enjoy my brand new account ! Thank you so much Risk, keep up the good work!


31/07/15 - Jeremy Chua - Forum:

I just bought account #20 from him! He is fantastic and reliable! Don't worry, he is trustworthy and friendly


30/07/15 - Seppster02 - Forum:

Great middle man service, Fast, honest and smooth! All you need..


28/07/15 - jpgj92 - Forum:

Another successful trader in business, I took the RISK and you my fellow buyers and traders don't have to anymore. This guys is legitimate trader. As for newcomers I recommend him. He is indeed welcome here in newseeker. 10/10
Edit: I forgot to mention I made a 2 for 1 trade with risk and went smoothly. Glad to have business with you Risk and I'll be back for more


04/08/15 - Site Launched

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