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Summoners War: Sky Arena

Summoners War a very luck-based game, known across the web as RNG (Random Number Generation) - You are required to summon scrolls based entirely on chance to get anything worthwhile - 4 and 5 star rare monsters. The chance of summoning one of these is 10 percent for 4 stars and 0.1 percent for 5 stars. Why waste all your hard-earned cash when you can just save yourself the money and luck with summoning something good.

The game is based on a freemium model that requires you to spend money on the in-game currency of gems. Here at SWAccount we cut the luck out and you pick which rare 4 or 5 star monster you want.
Stay competitive in the online PVP (Player vs. Player) aspect of Summoners War by buying accounts from us here at SWAccount.com - your premium source for quality Summoners War accounts.

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